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From 1547 onwards,

the practice of Catholicism was prohibited in Umstadt due to the Reformation. The lords of the city, Hesse-Darmstadt and the Electoral Palatinate, and with them all of their subjects now became followers of the Lutheran or Calvinist doctrine. The Catholic community dissolved and was not reestablished until 1701, after the Electoral Palatinate became Catholic again.

In absence of a church of their own, the prayer services were held in the “Rittersaal”, the knights’ hall of the “Pfälzer Schloss” (Palatinate Castle). Finally, in 1896, the Catholic community was able to buy a part of the castle. The existing “Zehntscheuer” (tithe barn) and the stables were torn down and the Catholic Church St. Gallus and the presbytery were erected between 1897 and 1899 on exactly the same place.

Since there were no road links between the “Pfälzer Gasse” and the “Realschulstraße” even after the construction of the house of God, the “Pfälzer Hof” was eliminated, followed by the construction of an opening to the “Realschulstraße”.


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